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The history of DEMO: An experiment in regeneration harvest of northwestern forest ecosystems. Northwest Science 73:3-11.

Student Poster Competition Winners

2019 1st Place Michael MeyerWashington State UniversityVulnerability of rotifer and copepod nauplii prey to copepod predation in Flathead Lake, Montana. -- Award $50
2019 2nd Place Elise BuggeWashington State UniversityDecreasing N2 fixation in Lobaria oregana is likely caused by anthropogenic emissions -- Award $30
2019 3rd Place Kassandra C. TownsendUniversity of IdahoPresence of northern Idaho ground squirrels Urocitellus brunneus influenced by other small mammals species and environmental factors -- Award $20
2018 1st Place Leila Duchac, Damon Lesmeister, Katie Duggar, & Zack Ruff Oregon State University Can passive acoustic monitoring detect and identify vocalization patterns in two congeneric forest owls in the Pacific Northwest?
2018 2nd Place (tie) Suphasiri Muttamura & Stewart James Southern Oregon University Geographic variation in vocalizations of American pikas (Ochotona princepts) in southwestern Oregon and northern California
2018 2nd Place (tie) Erika Petzinger, Roger Rosentreter, & Marcelo Serpe Boise State University Identification of a dark septate fungus that forms a symbiotic association withArtemesia tridentata
2017 1st Place Christina Murphy & Alyssa Shie Oregon State University Evaluation of Trace Element Concentrations in Oregon's Edible Wild-Foraged Mushroom Species
2017 2nd Place Kate Petersen, Lalita Calabria, & Amanda Bidwell Evergreen State College & University of Washington Quantifying seasonal variability in nitrogen-fixation by cyanobacteria associating with mossesNiphotrichum elongatum,Pleurozium Schreberi andRhytidiadelphus triquetrus in a northwest prairie ecosystem
2017 3rd Place Andrew Child, Barry Moore, Jeffrey Vervoort, Marc Beutel Washington State University & University of California - Merced Freshwater food poisoning: Tracking availability and bioaccumulation of heavy metals in freshwater zooplankton in northeastern Washington
2017 Honorable Mention Chhaya Werner University of California - Davis Spatial and temporal contingency in rapid primary succession following removal of the Elwha River dams
2016 1st Place Melissa Pingree University of Washington Wildfire and Wildfire-deposited Charcoal in Rain Shadow Forest Soils of the Olympic Peninsula
2016 2nd Place Ryan Reihar Eastern Washington University White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) Larvae Feeding Ecology and Prey Availability in the Upper Columbia River, USA
2016 3rd Place Jarrett Cellini Eastern Washington University Climate Effects on the Relationship Between Invasive Annual Grasses and Biological Soil Crust in Eastern Washington
2016 Honorable Mention Abby Watt The Evergreen State College Small Differences in Elevation Make a Big Difference For Physiological Responses of Understory Plants to Drought Conditions 
2015 1st Place Justin Poinsatte Washington State University Snowpack as a Reservoir of Nitrogen Deposition in Subalpine Ecosystems of the Cascades
2015 2nd Place Shawna Warehime Eastern Washington University The Short-term Effects of Different Anesthetics on Rainbow Trout(Oncorhynchus mykiss) Swimming Ability
2015 3rd Place Zoe Rushton Central Washington University Holocene Fire Reconstruction of the Long Lake Area Near Rimrock Reservoir in the Eastern Cascades, Washington 
2014 1st Place Nathaniel Looker Montana State University Intra- and Inter-specific Variability of Transpiration on Montane Hillslopes
2014 2nd Place Nicholas Silverma University of Montana Evaluating Streamflow Trends Using Runoff Sensitivity to Land Use and Climate Change
2014 3rd Place Justin Crotteau University of Montana Managing for Resilience in Rocky Mountain Lodgepole Pine: Effects of Heterogeneous Stand Treatments on Woody Surface Fuels Dynamics and Postulated Fire Behavior
2014 Honorable Mention Michael Skinner Lewis-Clark State College Seasonal Diet of a Population of Western Terrestrial Garter Snakes,Thamnophis elegans, Along the Grand Ronde River, Southeastern Washington
2014 Honorable Mention John Sugden Montana State University Soil Controls on Vegetation in Hyalite Canyon

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