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On the evening of February 9, 1923, a group of educators and scientists met in the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington.  A committee developed plans to form an organization "of broad and general character designed to embrace all persons in the Inland Empire interested in the objectives of a regional scientific association".


The 1st Program Meeting took place in Spokane, WA from April 11-12 of 1924, in conjunction with the Inland Empire Teacher's Association.  There were 45 charter-members of the Association and the annual dues was set at $1.00.


45 papers and 5 general session lectures were presented in 6 sections:  Botany-Zoology, Chemistry-Physics, Education, Geology-Geography, Medicine-Bacteriology, and Plant Pathology. 


       Volume 1, Number 1 of our journal,

      Northwest  Science, was published in 1927.


           Now in our 93rd year we have hosted our

           87th Annual Meeting (conference) and are   

   publishing Volume 90 of Northwest Science in 2016. 










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Scientists, Annual Meetings, & Old News Events

As we approach our 100th year as an Association, we will post

biographies and interesting tidbits from the events and people that shaped the NWSA.


COMING SOON...                                                        Meet Dr. G. D. Shallenberger 

     ...Biography of Howard R. Flint                                   1889-1970

                                                                                 Professor of Physics

                                                                                   NWSA Councilor 1928-1932

      List of Annual Meeting Locations

                       1984 - 2015


                                                      In Memoriam

                                                Guy Richard Knudsen

                                                        1952 - 2016                               






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