In the interest of protecting public health during the COVID-19 outbreak the NWSA Board cancelled the in person 2020 Annual meeting planned for University of Oregon in Eugene, March 24-27, 2020. Because abstracts had already been submitted, we prepared an annual program document.

The March 2021 meeting planned for Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA was postponed to March 15-18, 2022. Planning is underway for this meeting so please check back for upcoming details!

Letter from the NWSA President

Given the uncertainty in people’s plans related to the public health crisis associated with COVID-19, the decision has been made to completely cancel the NWSA 2020 Annual Meeting planned for March 24-27 in Eugene, Oregon.  We were looking forward to the first opportunity for our meeting being hosted by the University of Oregon.  Hopefully we will have that opportunity in a future year.

We considered options for a virtual meeting using video-conferencing or webinars.  However, given the uncertainty and other potential demands on people’s time associated with ongoing and planned changes in teleworking, remote education, school closures, child care needs, as well as illnesses, we judged it was not feasible to do so with the time we had available.

A program document will be posted on our website in a few weeks that will include all the abstracts submitted for poster or oral presentations.

We will consider hosting virtual activities in the future (perhaps some related to planned activities for this meeting). This could be beneficial in the long term as several people have suggested NWSA could host activities between the annual meetings and this year might be a test case for doing so.

We are disappointed we had to cancel the meeting as we lose the opportunity for in-person interactions that are at the heart of the Northwest Scientific Association but we hope all stay healthy and safe, and look forward to future interactions.  Thanks to all who planned to attend and participate in various ways.  And special thanks to Dan Gavin, our local program chair for the meeting, who invested a lot of effort in organizing the meeting but will not be able to see it play out as planned.

Connie Harrington
President, Northwest Scientific Association

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