Honorary Life Members

The Honorary Life Membership is awarded by the NWSA to members

that have made significant contributions of service to the Association. 


Click on a member to find out how they bettered our Association.  

 (Please note we are slowly re-working this webpage to bring better information to our members.)


Select Life Membership to learn how to nominate a member. 

L.C. Cady
Douglas Call
Robert L. Carr
Jeffrey J. Duda
Robert Edmonds
Bruce V. Ettling
William K. Ferrell
Rich Fonda
Nancy J. Grunewald
Philip Haddock
Kenneth Hammond

Jan A. Henderson

Kenneth V. Kardong
Denis P. Lavender

Robin Lesher
Joseph W. Mills
Richard J. Naskali
Frank D. Nicol
Margaret A. O'Connell
David L. Peterson
Edward G. Schreiner
Oscar Sziklai

Andrea Woodward

D.J. Wort

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