Accepted articles in press - Abstracts

Table of Contents – Northwest Science 94(2)


Estimates of Chinook Salmon Spawning Habitat in a Blocked Reach of the Columbia River Upstream of Grand Coulee DamBrian J. Bellgraph,Casey Baldwin, Lysel Garavelli, Zannatul Haque, William Perkins, Marshall Richmond, Matt Howell, and Jason McLellan

Anadromous Coastal Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii clarkii) as a Host for Argulus pugettensis (Crustacea, Branchiura): Parasite Prevalence, Intensity and DistributionJames P. Losee, Simon R. M. Jones, Caitlin A. E. McKinstry, William N. Batts, and Paul K. Hershberger

Monitoring the Return of Marine Derived Nitrogen to Riparian Areas in Response to Dam Removal on the Elwha River, WashingtonWendal Kane, Rebecca Brown, and Justin Bastow

Whitebark pine in the National Parks of the Pacific States: An Assessment of Population Vulnerability – Erik S. Jules, Phillip J. van Mantgem, Benjamin G. Iberle, Jonathan C.B. Nesmith, and Regina M. Rochefort

Ecoregion—Rather Than Sympatric Legumes—Influences Symbiotic Bradyrhizobium Associations in Invasive Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius) in the Pacific Northwest Robyn Dove, Emily R. Wolfe, Nathan U. Stewart, and Daniel J. Ballhorn

Changes in Vegetation Cover of Yukon River Drainages in Interior Alaska: Estimated from MODIS Greenness Trends, 2000 to 2018 Christopher Potter 

Bigleaf Maple Within-Crown Leaf Morphology and Seasonal Physiology – Lucy P. Kerhoulas, David T. Hammons, and Nicholas J. Kerhoulas

Military Flights Threaten the Wilderness Soundscapes of the Olympic Peninsula, Washington – Lauren M. Kuehne and Julian D. Olden

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