Coping with Change Through Innovation:
 New Approaches, Tools, & Collaborations

Our 89th Annual Meeting, jointly held with Northwest Lichenologists

on the campus of

The Evergreen State College - Olympia, WA


March 27 - 30, 2018


                          TENTATIVE PROGRAM     Looking for the conference schedule  or announcement poster?  


Keynote Address by   Dr. David L. Peterson & A Panel of Invited Speakers

Banquet Guest Speaker  Jon Riedel

"Blue Legacy: 100 years of Change in Washington's Glaciers"

Special Symposia* include:

 Climate Change Adaptation in Aquatic Habitat & Infrastructure  


Ecoregional Land Management in Response to Changing Climate


Northwest Native Food Plants


Change in the Salish Sea


Bryology & Lichenology

Hosted by Northwest Lichenologists


Workshops include:

 New Science Tools - Drones, LiDAR, & Root Scanners


Applications in R Programming for Ecology & Natural Resources 


Bryophytes & Lichens


General Sessions* include: 

Anthropology & Archaeology; Aquatic Biology; Biogeography; Botany; 

Climatology & Meteorology; Computer Applications; Conservation Biology; Ecology;

Entolomology; Fire Ecology; Fisheries & Wildlife Mgmt; Forestry; Range Management;

Geomorphology; Geology; Hydrology; Limnology; Mathematical Modeling;

Natural Resource Management; Paleontology; Plant Ecology; Soils & Pedology;

Vertebrate Biology; Wetland Ecology; Zoology; and others....


  * These sessions will depend upon contributed abstracts.


Field Trips 


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