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The history of DEMO: An experiment in regeneration harvest of northwestern forest ecosystems. Northwest Science 73:3-11.



Lichens on the East Side - Rare, Threatened, Endangered, New Finds and Interesting Species


Friday, 1:40pm - Science, Room 120 


Listed lichens for Oregon & Washington have been revised, and more of them are from the 'east side' than ever before!  Come up to speed on those changes and familiarize yourself with the species of concern (SOC), with emphasis on species that occur east of the Cascade crest. 


These SOC occur in a wide variety of habitats: forests, woodlands, rangelands, & rock outcrops.

The region of special emphasis includes eastern Washington & Oregon, Idaho, and western Montana.


Leaders (Bruce McCune, Roger Rosentreter, Daphne Stone, Andrea Pipp, Ann DeBolt, & Jeanne Ponzetti) will give a 5-10 minute update on the status of the east-side Rare, Threatened, & Endangered lichens for their state: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, & Montana.  We will follow this with plenty of time to examine specimens of these SOC.  These will include: Aspicilia rogeri, Peltigera cinnamomea, Thelenella muscorum, Umbilicaria nodulospora, and Umbilicaria phaea var. coccinea


Simultaneously, people can work on or consult on problem specimens from local field trips

 or brought from home.  Bring your puzzle and stump the experts! 


Target Audience:  This workshop will be particularly valuable for east-side agency botanists, contractors, and serious naturalists, as well as teachers and students. 


Location:  NWSA 2016 Annual Meeting, Bend, Oregon

Date:  March 25th - details will be coming!

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