Student Poster Competition Results


1st Place:  Leila Duchac, Damon Lesmeister, Katie Duggar, & Zack Ruff. 
                    Oregon State University.
                    Can passive acoustic monitoring detect and identify vocalization
                     patterns in two congeneric forest owls in the Pacific Northwest?

                                2nd Place -Tie:
   Suphasiri Muttamura & Stewart James. 
     Southern Oregon University.
     Geographic variation in vocalizations of American 
      pikas (
Ochotona princepts) in southwestern Oregon and northern California.

   Erika Petzinger, Roger Rosentreter, & 
    Marcelo Serpe.  Boise State University.
    Identification of a dark septate fungus that forms a
    sympbiotic association with Artemesia tridentata.

1st Place:   Christina Murphy & Alyssa Shiel.  Oregon State University.
                     Evaluation of Trace Element Concentrations in Oregon's Edible
                     Wild-Foraged Mushroom Species
2nd Place:   Kate Petersen, Lalita Calabria, & Amanda Bidwell.  Evergreen State College & University of  
                       Washington.  Quantifying seasonal variability in nitrogen-fixation by cyanobacteria
                       associating with mosses Niphotrichum elongatum, Pleurozium Schreberi and
                       Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus in a northwest prairie ecosystem.
3rd Place:    Andrew Child, Barry Moore, Jeffrey Vervoort, Marc Beutel.  Washington State University &
                      University of California - Merced.  Freshwater food poisoning: Tracking availability and
                      bioaccumulation of heavy metals in freshwater zooplankton in northeastern Washington.

Honorable Mention: Chhaya Werner.  University of California - Davis.

                      Spatial and temporal contingency in rapid primary succession following removal of the Elwha

                      River dams.

1st Place:   Melissa Pingree, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, University of Washington
                    Wildfire and Wildfire-deposited Charcoal in Rain Shadow Forest Soils of the Olympic Peninsula
2nd Place:  Ryan Reihart, Department of Biology, Eastern Washington University
                    White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) Larvae Feeding Ecology and Prey Availability in the
                    Upper Columbia River, USA 
3rd Place:   Jarrett Cellini, Department of Biology, Eastern Washington University
                    Climate Effects on the Relationship Between Invasive Annual Grasses and Biological Soil Crust in
                    Eastern Washington
Honorable Mention:  Abby Watt, The Evergreen State College
                                    Small Differences in Elevation Make a Big Difference For Physiological Responses of
                                    Understory Plants to Drought Conditions



 1st Place:  Justin Poinsatte, Washington State University

                    Snowpack as a Reservoir of Nitrogen Deposition in Subalpine Ecosystems of the Cascades


 2nd Place:  Shawna Warehime, Eastern Washington University

                     The Short-term Effects of Different Anesthetics on Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

                       Swimming Ability


 3rd Place:   Zoe Rushton, Central Washington University

                      Holocene Fire Reconstruction of the Long Lake Area Near Rimrock Reservoir in the

                         Eastern Cascades, Washington 




1st Place:  Nathaniel Looker, Department of Ecology, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

                    Intra- and Inter-specific Variability of Transpiration on Montane Hillslopes


2nd Place:  Nicholas Silverman, Geosciences Department, University of Montana, Missoula, MT

                   Evaluating Streamflow Trends Using Runoff Sensitivity to Land Use and Climate Change


3rd Place:  Justin Crotteau, Department of Forest Management, University of Montana, Missoula, MT

                   Managing for Resilience in Rocky Mountain Lodgepole Pine: Effects of Heterogeneous Stand

                      Treatments on Woody Surface Fuels Dynamics and Postulated Fire Behavior.


Honorable Mention:  Michael Skinner, Department of Natural Science and Mathematics, Lewis-Clark State

                                      College, Lewiston, ID

                                    Seasonal Diet of a Population of Western Terrestrial Garter Snakes, Thamnophis elegans,

                                     Along the Grand Ronde River, Southeastern Washington


Honorable Mention:  John Sugden, Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences,

                                      Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

                                    Soil Controls on Vegetation in Hyalite Canyon






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