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The history of DEMO: An experiment in regeneration harvest of northwestern forest ecosystems. Northwest Science 73:3-11.

2022 Student Research Grant Competition

The Northwest Scientific Association awards grants of up to $1,500 to support student research in the pure and applied sciences. This is an opportunity to fund your research, organize a grant proposal, add substance to your CV, and potentially have your research published in the scientific quarterly, Northwest Science. Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply. The NWSA will award research grants up to $750 for winning undergraduate (BA/BS) proposals, and up to $1500 for winning graduate (MA/MS or PhD) proposals. Applicants must be either student or regular members of the NWSA for the year 2022 at the time of application.  

Grant monies may only be used to support research travel, lab analysis, materials, and supplies for student research. Proposals requesting salary support or travel to meetings, or publication charges, will not be considered. Funding will only be offered for projects conducted in northwestern North America. 

Congratulations to the 2022 winners!

The 2022 Student Grants Committee received 12 grant applications representing 11 universities or colleges:  1 undergraduate student proposal, 5 Master’s student proposals, and 6 PhD student proposals.  The Board approved the following five student grants:


Steven Quick, The Evergreen State College. Advisor: Dr. Dylan Fischer. How is O-horizon soil carbon affected by active forest management? Grant award: $750.00


Madeleine Lopez, Cal Poly Humboldt. Advisor: Dr. Jeff Kane. Investigating seed maturation: a mechanism for post-fire regeneration in non- serotinous conifers. Grant award: $1500.00

Carina Kusaka, Oregon State University. Advisors: Drs. James Peterson and Melanie Davis. Spatial analysis of trends in Tufted Puffin breeding habitat on the Oregon Coast. Grant award: $1500.00


Mark Kreider, University of Montana. Advisor: Dr. Andrew Larson. Effects of immediate post-fire climate on longer-term forest development trajectories. Grant award: $1500.00

Nathan Stewart, Portland State University. Advisor: Dr. Daniel Ballhorn. Exploring the microbiomes of mushrooms in Pacific Northwest forests, and their effects on the health of their hosts. Grant award: $1500.00

  Winners are announced each year at the Annual Meeting. See past winners!

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